Health Volunteering Program

RTEES Nepal offers health volunteering program for those engaged or interested in medical field. It's a great opportunity to donate your skills and time to helping others in need, while gaining hands-on medical experience and learning firsthand about medical care in Nepal.

Most of the health clinics located in remote villages of Nepal are unable to give basic health service to the patients due to the lack of qualified doctors and medically trained personnel, absence of medicines and equipment. Most of the qualified doctors and medically trained personnel in Nepal want to work only in the cities. As a consequence people of remote villages cannot get basic health service from the health clinics.

These programs allow international volunteers to work and assist in local medical clinics. These programs run from a week to a few months long.


Day to Day tasks of Health Volunteers

Dressing wounds, Administering vaccinations,Drawing blood,Screening and organizing patients,Collecting medicine,Conduct seminars and awareness program for local villagers        


Who can apply?

Doctors, Nurses, Health Assistants, Red Cross staffs, Nurses, Mid wife, Medical Students etc.


Application Period

Ongoing (Please contact us for further details)


Volunteering Period

1 Week to 4 Months