Volunteer Program

RTEES Nepal organizes various volunteer programs in the mountain regions of Nepal to help poor and helpless communities.

Volunteering is a noble and commendable task of giving your time and love to someone who needs the most. For volunteers, it is a life changing experience for self while changing the lives of deprived one around you.

While volunteering, you will also get a rare opportunity to explore and experience the natural and cultural beauty of the Nepal. You can go for a trek, hike,visit local cultural and historical sites and enjoy the pristine wildlife and biodiversity.

There are a lot of volunteering projects to choose from with RTEES Nepal. For instance, offering quality education to deprived children through our Teacher Volunteering program in private and community schools. Or uplifting the lives of orphans through our Orphanage Volunteering program. We also conduct Health Camp, Awareness and Community Development Volunteer programs throughout the year.

RTEES Nepal welcomes you all to be part of its volunteering programs and bring positive change to the world around you.


Health Volunteering Program

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Organic Farming

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Orphanage Volunteer

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