Teaching Volunteers

Teaching in poor and developing countries like Nepal is a challenging prospect for any international volunteers. But it is also the most popular and rewarding volunteering work in the world.

Village schools in Nepal lack qualified and skilled teachers and suffer from acute shortage of study materials, books and other facilities. Because these schools are usually located in remote, far flung areas, village children often spend hours walking through rugged trails, crossing rivers, risking their lives to reach to and from school every day.

As a volunteer teacher, your job will be to spend some time with these children teaching them lifelong lessons. You will be able to exchange and share your advance knowledge with these deprived children and expose them to a world of ideas and knowledge beyond their village. Volunteer teachers have the best job in their hand if they know the value they will impart through their small yet significant contribution.

Our Teaching Volunteers program offers a variety of placements in primary and secondary schools located in remote, mountainous villages of Nepal. You can teach a variety of subjects from maths and science to English and social work. You can also engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, painting, music and many more. The placements can be for a week or for a few months, it is entirely up to you.

Please contact us to find out about the next placements. We will offer you the best options that matches your skills and interests.