Sponsorship for School ChildrenĀ 

Sponsorship for School Children 

Being one of the most remote districts in Nepal, Rasuwa ranks lowest in literacy. Children often drop out of school or stop their education because their parents cannot afford or have no financial capacity to cover school tuition fees. The problem is worse for parents of mentally retarded children, orphans and children with disabled parents. Many children who lost their parents in the devastating earthquake of April 2015 are also deprived of education.

There are over 50 children who need immediate sponsorship so they can continue their education. These children are now being looked after temporarily by their relatives, neighbours, and villagers who are already stretched financially. Many still have ended up doing child labor in nearby hotels and restaurants or as cattle grazer up in the cold Himalayan meadows to make a living.

The future of these poor children depend on how quickly they can be helped financially. You can directly sponsor education for these children through our Education Children for School Children program. We are now accepting education sponsorship and donations from kind hearted and compassionate people from all over the world