Scholarships for Nurses & Medical Assistants

Our Health Education program has been offering scholarships to poor students from mountain areas. The scholarship which is being coordinated by Manakamana Scholarship Foundation focuses on producing highlskilled and educated medical experts to fill the gap in health sector in Himalaya communities.

Health clinics in remote villages often lack health professionals such as doctors, health assistants and nurses along with necessary equipment and resources. Health Education Scholarship aims to address this need in heath sector. The scholarships are being provided to Community Medical Assistant (CMA) and Assistant Nurse Midwife (ANM) students. These courses run for 18 months.

Till now, we successfully helped 8 students from remote Dhading and Rasuwa districts to become CMA and ANM certified health professionals. Currently 2 new students from Rasuwa have been selected for this yearly scholarship.Students are selected based on their economic means and their talent. Priority is given to those students who come from poor and backward communities.

There are many more students who are on the waiting list to receive scholarship so that they can continue their higher studies. Due to limited number of scholarship, we have not been able to offer scholarships to all applicants.

If you would like to help us in offering Health Education scholarships to more students, or for direct donation and any other assistance, please contact us.