Research and Study Program

Research and Study Program focuses on providing international students and researchers the opportunity to carry out extensive study and research in areas they are interested in. To help you realize your research goal, we provide complete assistance from arranging food and accommodation to guiding and getting permission from local authorities. We also coordinate with related academic institutions to facilitate your research and study.

Apart from Research and Study, we also help organize Cultural Study Tour for groups of students from universities and colleges.

Whether you would like to research on Himalayan biodiversity, wildlife, Himalayan culture, Society, history, lifestyle of mountain communities, we heartily welcome you all to contact us.

Who can apply?

Students, Researchers, Professors, Post Doctoral Scholars, PhD scholars, Master and Bachelor Students, Group Cultural Tour for Students

Program Duration

From a few days to yearlong research and study

Research Areas

Himalayan Culture, Tibetan and Tamang culture, Himalayan Biodviersity,

Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Fox etc.        

Application Period

Ongoing (Please contact us for further details)