Pragatasil Pahad Project (Progressive Mountain Project) (PPP)

Building Resilient Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Remote Mountain Communities in Nepal


Project Period:                    October 2015 – December 2017

Implementing Partner:       The Mountain Institute (TMI)

Funding agencies:              Fondation Pro Victimis, blue moon fund, LaGuntza Foundation, Nepalese Doctors Association in the UK, Peradam Foundation, Dudley Foundation, Walkinshaw Family Foundation, Harman Family Foundation 

Project Area:                        Eight Upper VDCs of Rasuwa District


PPP project was a follow-up on the achievements of High value plants and Sustainable Farming project that RTEES Nepal implemented. Its aim was to improve the capacity of communities to diversify their livelihood options through high valued agricultural productions in an equitable and sustainable manner and in management of degraded land and biodiversity protection. The beneficiaries of this project was the earthquake affected families, farmers, lodge and hotel owners of Gatlang, Goljung, Chilime, Thuman, Briddim, Dandagaon, Thulogaon and Haku.


Project Outcomes

  • Provided Basic and Advance Training to 700 farmers in the cultivation of selected species of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs).
  • Established 10 nurseries for MAPs and other fodder and tree species in project area.
  • Supported in the construction Multi-purpose Cooperative building; procured compression machine for cooperative for marketing and value addition of MAPs; and organized exposure visit for 20 farmers to Ilam District
  • Helped 20 farmers to obtain “Product origin certificates” in cooperation with District Forest Office-Rasuwa
  • 200 famer received training on Legal provision, Sustainable harvesting techniques, market management and network
  • Toilet construction for Grey Lower Secondary School in Grey village
  • Homestay and Lodge Management training to 20 hotels
  • Trekking Guides training provided to 10 women and 10 men
  • 30 famers received training in home gardening and vegetables and fruits seeds.
  • 90 families (500 people) of Haku VDC benefited from drinking water facility
  • Organize reforestation of private and barren land with native and fast growing species in Haku village
  • 50 earthquake affected households received assistance in acquiring citizenship papers, land titles, bank documents, etc that were lost during earthquake
  • Distribution of Cardamom seeds to 20 families of Thulogaon, for the first time in Rasuwa district


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