Poly Phylam Cultivation Program


Project Duration:     2017-2019

Funding Partner:     District Forest Office-Rasuwa

Project Area:           Chyamtol Village of Goljung VDC


RTEES Nepal is working in collaboration with District Forest Office (DFO), Rasuwa to implement Poly Phylam Cultivation Program. Improving livelihoods of poor families is the main aim of the project. The beneficiaries are the locals of Chyamtol village.


Project Outcomes

  • Started producing seeds of Satuwa (Poly Phylam) at local level
  • 10 families of Chyamtol Village directly benefited from the project
  • Declaration of Chyamtol village as a pocket area
  • Establishment of a nursery consisting of 10 beds
  • Awareness about preservation of wild herbs