Orphanage Volunteer

Orphanage Volunteering is another most important volunteer projects currently undertaken by RTEES Nepal. Our orphanage center located in Rasuwa district provides home to over 20 orphan children who have lost both or single parents. The recent 2015 earthquake made a devastating blow to Rasuwa district as many children were turned orphans overnight. These children are not only being looked after and provided for every day, we are also financing their education up to higher secondary level.

Without our orphanage center these children have been left to tend for themselves and their future hangs in balance. The orphanage project aims to improve the life of orphanage children and give some meaning to their life. The center offers children food, accommodation and education. Some of the children sheltered in our orphanage center are mentally retarded or have disabled parents who are not financially able to support their children.

We need national and international volunteers throughout the year to run and manage our orphanage center located in remote Rasuwa district. As an Orphanage Volunteer you will play a role of guardian and provide them with comfort, love and compassion. You will encourage and motivate them and help them overcome emotional and mental stress and help them smile every day. You can teach them to play games, conduct classes in english, math, science and social work; you can impart them with arts skills such as playing musical instruments, drawing, painting, writing etc., or organize different sports and other entertainment programs.

If you are interested in orphanage volunteer in Nepal, please let us know. We will offer you placement that matches your skills and interests.