Organic Farming

Organic Farming Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal is agricultural country where 80% of its population depends on agriculture. However, due to lack of irrigation facilities and fertile, arable land, most farmers in remote villages practice subsistence level farming.

Lured by short term profit gain, farmers have started using harmful and dangerous insecticides and pesticides to increase productivity. Most farmers are completely unaware about the harmful effects of such chemicals on both the environment and human health.

In order to reverse this adverse trend in farming, RTEES Nepal has been promoting organic farming in Rasuwa district. Organic farming focuses on simple yet environmentally sound techniques such as crop rotation and seasonal cultivation, using green manure and home grown compost and replacing pesticides with biological pest control etc.  

RTEES Nepal initiated the cultivation of medical herbs, such as Satuwa and Chiraito in Rasuwa district. The program also focuses on the conservation and promotion of Himalayan herbs along with its marketing and distribution. Several nursery beds have been developed in Gatlang and Gojung VDCs to help local farmers earn extra income from herbs planting. Now RTEES Nepal is looking forward to expand this organic farming system to other mountain districts of Nepal.

You can be part our organic farming movement by supporting similar programs financially in other districts. You can also apply to work as an organic farming volunteer in one of our ongoing organic farming projects.

 Volunteering Placements are available in several organic farms and nurses managed by RTEES  Nepal. As a volunteer you can work in the farm alongside local farmers in cultivating and harvesting organic vegetables and herbs, or take part in awareness building exercise through motivational programs. If you know about organic farming, you can share your knowledge with farmers and even if you don’t you can lend a helping hand to farmers.

For upcoming placements for Organic Farm volunteer, please contact us directly.