Earthquake-resistant Home Rebuilding Program

The massive earthquake of 2015 that struck Nepal was one of the biggest and deadliest natural catastrophes that left 9000 dead and destroyed over 600,000 homes. Three years into the earthquake, almost 90% of the fallen houses are still waiting to be rebuilt. Hundreds of thousands of families in remote mountain villages are still living in temporary huts, tents, and damaged houses, come rain, water or storm, risking their lives.

The earthquake has further brought miseries to the lives of many villagers in the shape of poverty and disease. Those who lost their homes have no financial means to rebuild their homes and lives. The disaster has pushed the many mountain communities back to the vicious circle of poverty. The delay and bureaucratic hassles by the government to provide financial assistance to earthquake victims to rebuild homes has only prolonged the pain and suffering.

Government statistics reveal that as many as 5000 homes of Tamang ethnic communities were destroyed or damaged by the earthquake in Rasuwa district making them completely uninhabitable. The villagers of Haku and Dandagaon had to bear a deadly brunt, most of whom had to be shifted to a new location. Many are eagerly waiting to return to their original place. Unfortunately the entire Langtang village was swept away by landslides killing 90% of the village population. Like so many other places in Rasuwa district, Langtang is currently undergoing rebuilding.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, villagers began to rebuild their homes with whatever assistance they could get. RTEES Nepal quickly sprung into action to raise financial assistance to help earthquake rebuild homes in Rasuwa district. With support from our international friends and generous donors such as Institute for Village Studies (IVS), RTEES Nepal was able to rebuild 10 homes for 10 poor families of Gatlang VDC in Rasuwa district under its Earthquake House Rebuilding Program.

The program is running in its fourth year as there are still thousands of houses that require rebuilding and reconstruction. We are further extending our program in 2018 and 2019 to reach out to as many homeless families.

Donations in both kind and cash are welcome from all our international friends to speed up this humanitarian project. We are waiting for all kind and compassionate donors around the world to come forward with their open hearts.

Home Stay for Income generation for helpless/homeless families

In addition to our Earthquake House Rebuilding Program, we are also focusing on providing income-generating source for those families who lost their homes in the earthquake. For those families who have no jobs or skills to generate income on their own, we are converting their rebuilt homes to tourist Homestay facility. So far we have converted 6 newly rebuilt homes into traditional Tamang Home Stay. The 6 families have not only shifted to their new homes but also started earning money from tourism promotion by running Local Home Stay facility. These guest houses are designed reflecting traditional architecture and cultural and religious values of Tamang ethnic community.

Rebuilding Volunteers Needed

As we continue with our Earthquake Home Rebuilding Program, we are looking out for international volunteers who can assist us in rebuilding process. We welcome you heartily if you are interested in spending your valuable time and energy in volunteering for rebuilding homes.

Stay for a week or may be months in remote mountain village of Gatlang and participate in rebuilding homes that was damaged by the earthquake. You will be working side by side with the homeless families and local laborers. If you have skills in carpentry or brick layering or would just like give a hand in physical work or promotional aspect of rebuilding process, you are welcome to do so.

Please contact us to find out which family is getting their house rebuilt and who are waiting

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