Bio-diversity and wildlife conservation

Rasuwa sits on the lap of highest mountain ranges in the world- the Himalayas. In its bosom rests world's valuable natural resources such as glaciers, rivers and wetlands to pristine forests and wildlife. Rssuwa is home to Nepal's first Himalayan national park, Langtang National Park and Nepal's largest Langtang Lirung glacier.

The national park is inhabited by some of earth's rarest living creatures including Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Pheasant etc. The social and economic livelihoods of local community of Rasuwa is integrally interlinked to surrounding natural biodiversity. Locals get their wood, fuel, fodder, medicine, water and clean air from natural ecosystem. Moreover most of the tourist activities revolve around the national park, be it trekking, birding, climbing or cycling.

RTEES Nepal understands the value of biodiversity and wildlife conservation. In order to preserve these nature's gift we regularly organize awareness program among locals, tourists, women and school children, conduct plantation program, provide locals alternative fuel instead of wood and carry out waste management activities.