Welcome to RTEES Nepal

Rural Tourism and Environmental Education Society Nepal (RTEES Nepal) is a non-government, not-for-profit social service organization dedicated to uplifting poor, marginalized communities through development of income generating agriculture and tourism based activities, Conservation of Natural Resources, education/skill based training, preservation and promotion of culture and heritage, creating employment opportunities for local communities and mobilization and sustainable use of natural resources.

RTEES Nepal was established in 2009 and is registered at the office of District Development Committee of Rasuwa and Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Since its inception, RTEES Nepal has played a leading role in initiating various projects at local level with participation of locals, non-governmental organizations and government agencies. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all communities irrespective of their gender, ethnic identity, religion and geography.We and envision a prosperous and equitable Nepal based on environmentally sound and sustainable development…

What We Do

We organize training, workshop, interaction programs at local level; formulate action plans and programs and conduct field visits and research; coordinate with donor partners, local level government agencies, INGOs, NGOs and local communities and advocate for the rights and issues of local communities. We prioritize women empowerment, children education, health and sanitation, and offer volunteering and internship opportunities. Our thematic areas varies from livelihood building and sustainable community development to eco-tourism and education in remote mountain areas.
  • Rebuilding Program with IVS

    Earthquake-resistant Home Rebuilding Program

    The massive earthquake of 2015 that struck Nepal was one of the biggest and deadliest natural catastrophes that left 9000 dead and destroyed over 600,000…

  • Research and Study Program

    Research and Study Program

    Research and Study Program focuses on providing international students and researchers the opportunity to carry out extensive study and research in areas they are interested…

  • Educational Program

    Sponsorship for School Children 

    Sponsorship for School Children  Being one of the most remote districts in Nepal, Rasuwa ranks lowest in literacy. Children often drop out of school or…

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteer Program

    RTEES Nepal organizes various volunteer programs in the mountain regions of Nepal to help poor and helpless communities. Volunteering is a noble and commendable task…

  • noimage

    Scholarships for Nurses & Medical Assistants

    Our Health Education program has been offering scholarships to poor students from mountain areas. The scholarship which is being coordinated by Manakamana Scholarship Foundation focuses…